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Hamsters are small, quiet, gentle and relatively easy to care for animals. Like all rodents, hamsters have “open-rooted” incisor teeth that continue to grow throughout their lives. They should be provided roughage to gnaw on to prevent their incisors from overgrowing. The normal lifespan for a hamster is 18-24 months. Proper care and attention will ensure that your hamster will live a happy and healthy life.

FAQ's about hamsters

Common signs that something isn’t right with your hamster may include dull-looking eyes, matted fur, weight loss, shaking, runny nose and diarrhea.

Normal wear and tear from opening seeds and nuts or chewing their pelleted feed usually keeps their teeth trim, however mineral blocks, wood or crunchy dog biscuits may be given occasionally for the hamster to chew.

Hamsters are big on exercise, so make sure yours has a wheel for running. Hamsters also like to hide and sleep inside enclosed spaces, so you’ll need a small box with an entrance hole.They also love crawling through tubes, which can be homemade from paper towel or toilet paper rolls. And finally, you may notice that your hammy is a major creature of comfort. Remember to regularly give him small pieces of paper towel or napkin to shred and make a nest with.