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Dentistry Services

Comprehensive oral examinations, dental radiography, preventative cleaning, and dental/oral surgery.

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Royal Oak Pet Clinic

Dental and Oral Surgery

Untreated dental disease will often progress to a point that the teeth require extraction or other advanced dental techniques in order to treat.

Royal Oak Pet Clinic is able to offer comprehensive dental and oral surgical services with the ability to refer to a board-certified veterinary dentist when required. Treatment options will be provided to you once the oral examination and dental radiographs have been performed so that an educated decision can be reached.

Royal Oak Pet Clinic

Other Dentistry Services:

Digital Dental Radiography

The crown of the tooth is often just the “tip of the iceberg”. Dental disease can extend below the gum surface which is why dental radiographs (X-rays) are a vital aspect of any dental procedure. Additionally, in small animals such as cats and small/toy dog breeds, periodontal disease can weaken the lower jaw resulting in an increased risk of fracture during tooth extraction. Pre-operative dental X-rays can help the veterinarian avoid this complication.

Royal Oak Pet Clinic has digital dental radiology capabilities for quick dental diagnostics. High resolution digital dental radiographs allow us to identify underlying dental problems and provide the current standard of care for your pet.  Even if there is no evidence of bone or tooth disease during the dental radiographs, they provide an effective baseline to evaluate dental therapy and home care throughout your pet’s life.

Juvenile Veterinary Dentistry

Dental disease is most commonly diagnosed in patients older than 4 years of age. However, young patients may also experience dental abnormalities that, if addressed promptly, makes suffering a lifetime of dental problems, less likely. The veterinarians of Royal Oak Pet Clinic are experienced in treating unerupted primary or deciduous teeth, fractured deciduous teeth, malocclusion or base narrow canines and retained deciduous teeth among other issues that can arise in your pet.

Anesthetic-Free Dental Cleanings

Anesthetic-free dental cleanings are not recommended or supported by the veterinarians at Royal Oak Pet Clinic. Anesthetic-free dental cleanings are a cosmetic procedure performed by non-veterinary, uncertified individuals that does not address periodontal disease. Soft tissue or enamel damage can occur as a result of anesthetic-free dentals.

Non-anesthetic dentals are considered inappropriate due to patient stress, injury, risk of aspiration, and lack of diagnostic ability. Only the visible part of the teeth is cleaned in these procedures which can give the owner a false sense that the pet was unstressed by the procedure, that pain was appropriately managed, and that oral disease was diagnosed and treated. This can result in untreated disease being left for long periods of time resulting in disease progression and ongoing pain to the pet. The risk of anesthesia in healthy or minimally compromised patients is low when appropriately-trained individuals are performing the procedure.

Royal Oak Pet Clinic

Preventative Dental Services

The veterinarians at Royal Oak Pet Clinic believe that regular preventative dental cleanings and the education of owners for at-home care are an important aspect of your pet’s overall dental health.

Periodontal disease is the most commonly diagnosed disease in dogs and cats, yet is often left untreated with approximately 80% of dogs and 70% of cats having advanced periodontal disease by the age of four years.

Royal Oak Pet Clinic

Preventative Dental Services

Common initial signs of dental disease include bad breath, gingivitis (red or inflamed gums adjacent to the teeth) and tartar/calculus build-up. Signs of more advanced dental disease include drooling, trouble eating, chattering or scratching at the face, loose teeth and pus coming from the teeth. It is common for owners to believe that their pet’s oral health is not of concern since their pet is still eating. This is not the case! Dental disease is painful and has been linked to other diseases throughout the body such as heart, liver, and kidney disease. Therefore, treating your pet’s oral health concerns can help with overall body health.

Royal Oak Pet Clinic dental procedures include a pre-dental full body examination and consultation, comprehensive full mouth oral examination, dental radiographs (X-rays), dental charting, and soft tissue evaluation while under general anesthesia. Every patient receives intravenous fluids, continual monitoring (during and after the procedure by trained individuals), appropriate pain control (before, during, and after the procedure), as well as post-dental care to continue at home.