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We want to ensure our office is a safe, healthy environment for you, your pets and our staff.

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Royal Oak Pet Clinic

Clinic Protocols

At Royal Oak Pet Clinic, patient, staff, and client safety is a top priority and as a result we have created clear infectious disease protocols. We are constantly reviewing and adjusting these protocols as necessary to ensure the continued safety for everyone involved. Please take the time to review our protocols and recommendations below; it is important that they be adhered to while in our practice. Please note that the infectious disease protocols may change from time to time as we work to respond to the current health risk status on Vancouver Island as well as recommendations from the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the British Columbia Provincial Safety Officer.

Royal Oak Pet Clinic

COVID-19 Update

We are regularly adjusting our clinic safety protocols in response to the prevalence of COVID-19 on Vancouver Island, as well as recommendations from the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the British Columbia Provincial Safety Officer. Currently, patients are examined in our exam rooms with the veterinarian and veterinary assistant, while clients are asked to wait in their vehicles or in our reception area. If you have questions about our current COVID-19 protocols, please contact us by phone at 250-727-0003.

Royal Oak Pet Clinic

Arrival Procedures

When you arrive for your appointment, please check in with our team in the reception area. If your dog reacts to other dogs or to humans, please alert our staff via phone before you enter the clinic in case there are children or other pets in the reception area.

Please have your cat, small (exotic) animal, or small dog in a secure kennel. With medium to large dogs, we ask that they be on a short leash with a harness or secure collar. Please try to refrain from letting your pet interact with other pets while in the clinic. If you have a reactive dog, please consider placing its muzzle on prior to entering the building.

*If you do not have a secure carrier or leash when arriving for your appointment please let us know and one can be provided

Royal Oak Pet Clinic

Examination Procedures

We remind you that at this time, only your pet(s) will be in the exam room with the veterinarian and veterinary assistant. Our exam rooms have limited space, and we cannot effectively practice social distancing with clients while in our examination rooms. We have several staff with compromised immune systems or who have family members at home who are unable to be vaccinated. Keeping our staff and their family members safe is important to us. Should any one of our staff members contract COVID-19, we will be required to close the clinic for a period of time and will be unable to provide care to any of our patients.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Please inquire with us at 250-727-0003 regarding our protocols for social distancing during euthanasia appointments.

When you arrive for your appointment, our reception staff will ask you some questions about your pet’s current state of health. This helps to prepare the file for the veterinarian with whom you have your appointment. Prior to the appointment, the veterinarian will speak with you to ensure that s/he has all of the information needed to begin the appointment and to determine if you have any specific concerns that you’d like to have addressed. After the veterinarian has completed their examination of your pet(s) s/he will speak with you again to ensure that you receive a summary of his/her exam findings and recommendations and that all of your questions are answered.  While your pet is in the examination room, please stay either in the reception area or in your vehicle if you’d prefer. Please don’t leave to do errands as we have found that causes challenges with patient flow.

Royal Oak Pet Clinic

Cancelling Appointments

If you are unable to come to your appointment, we will need as much notice as possible so that we may open the appointment space up for another client whose pet may require urgent care. Please be aware that short-notice cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) and no-shows are eligible for our missed appointment fee of $50.

If you have questions about our infectious disease protocols, please contact us at or at 250-727-0003 prior to your appointment.

Thank you for choosing the Royal Oak Pet Clinic!