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Online VetStore

We are excited to introduce our new VetStore! Now you can enjoy the benefits of home delivery of your pet’s veterinarian-approved products and diets, as well as a wide range of non-prescription items, including toys, treats, beds, and more. We trust you will enjoy the ease of shopping for your pet’s needs on-line and the convenience of having your order delivered right to your home. Alternatively, you can pre-order your

Nominated for Top Veterinary Clinic in Victoria

Royal Oak Pet Clinic is one of 5 nominees for Top Veterinary Clinic in Victoria! We are so grateful to our amazing clients for your nominations

Voting is now open. Vote to help us win the honour of Top Veterinary Clinic in Victoria for 2019! Go to and choose us.

Thank you all for your support!

Tips for a Stress-Free Trip to the Vet

Tips for a Stress-Free Trip to the Vet
According to a recent study, cats go to the vet 5 times less often than dogs do, even though there are 10 million more pet cats than dogs nationally. Two-thirds of cat parents admit that they only take their cat to the vet when it’s ill or injured because putting their cat in a carrier or in the car is a significant cause

How Important is Identification for Pets?

Did you know that in 2012, only 5% of stray cats and 26% of stray dogs that entered the Canadian shelter system were reunited with their owners? These shockingly low reclamation rates were largely due to a lack of proper identification on these pets. Conversely, 95% of animals with visible identification were successfully reunited with their owners.

Pet identification comes in many different forms, the most common being microchips and collars

Keep Your Pets Safe During the Canada Day Long Weekend

It’s Canada’s 150th birthday and there are many fun activities planned all around the country. No matter where you are celebrating, make sure your pets stay safe. Here are some tips to help ensure your pets enjoy the holiday as much as you do.

It’s going to be a gorgeous, sunny weekend. Whether your pets are with you or are staying at home, make sure they have plenty of water

Vote for your favorite rescue group

In honor of the wonderful work that our local rescue groups do in our community, we want to do something to give back. Fleas can be a real nuisance for our four-legged friends, so we will be providing a complimentary box of Advantage II flea treatment to a deserving rescue group, but we need your help!

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