Veterinary Services in Victoria BC
Email:         Call: 250-727-0003

Pet Supplies


If we don’t have it we can usually get it within a day or two. Please call for more information (250) 727 0003.

Ear Medications:

Otoclean Vet solutions ear cleansing solution Epiotic

Stain and Odor removers:

Nature’s Miracle Nature’s Ultimate Envirofresh


Tonic-lax Felaxin Vita lax Vet Solutions Hair ball preparation


Recover Sa Vi-Sorbits Epakitin Renal K+ Glucosamine Chewables Aller G-3

Flea products:

Advantage Capstar Program Ovicollars Ormond flea shampoo Flea comb Ovitrol Plus Spray Siphotrol


RC pet products Visi pet Flashies Halti collars


RC pet products Flexi Comfort

Grooming items:

Mat breakers Professional nail trimmers Pyoben Shampoo Vet Solutions Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner Canadian Medicated Shampoo Allergroom Shampoo Hexadene Shampoo Undercoat rake Wire pin brush Nail trimmers Styptic Powder


Dental sticks and bones Balls Goodie bones and ships Bounzers Stuff-a-ball King Kongs Tuffy kongs Liver snap treats Biscuit Balls


Dental Chews Crazy dog ball toy Edible Breath bones Healthy Edibles Flexible pooch Pacifiers Teething keys Starter kits Galileo for powerful chewers Clicker training cards Puppy fish Glow-in-the-dark flexible ball


RC pet products


Cat: Dog:

Kitty Hoots Doggy Hoots Pet Stages Pet Stages Dr. Noys Dr. Noys Pet Vantage Pet’s Pick AniPet Mice Go-Frrr Cat Charmer Chuck-it Fur balls Guma disc Frisbee Crazy balls Chuck a squirrel Mini tennis balls


Eukanuba restricted-calorie rewards Medi-Cal medi treats Old Mother Hubbard low fat, char tar, and regular treats Trumps Greenies Nibletz Purina low fat biscuits Science Diet canine treats Science Diet jerky plus Prescription Diet hypoallergenic dog treats Prescription Diet hypoallergenic cat treats Hills dog treats Pill Pockets


Enzadent oral chews Enzadent toothpaste for cats and dogs Enzadent toothbrush cats and dogs CET toothpaste for cats and dogs MaxiGuard oral chews Quest Multicare bones


Port-a-bowl Pet waste bags Pet Saver Life Jacket World’s Best Cat litter Pet Kaddy Quick-fit Muzzle Rescue decals Vest Harness (vehicle seat belt for dogs) Bitter Yuck! No chew spray