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Veterinary Services

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Royal Oak Pet Clinic - Veterinary Services

Veterinary Hospital

The veterinary clinic works closely with Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital (C.V.V.H.), which has operated for over 30 years, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital provides laboratory, radiology, surgical and the hospitalization facilities that Dr. Chambers uses. Dr. Chambers generally starts her day at CVVH and visits frequently if any of her patients are hospitalized.

Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital also provides emergency medical care in the event that Dr. Chambers is unavailable.

Veterinarians doing surgery

Pet care and surgery at Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital

24 Hour Emergency Care

Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital offers this service with a twenty-four hour emergency clinic, staffed by seven highly skilled committed emergency trained clinicians. The staff support is outstanding with registered animal health technicians, trained ward nurses, and receptionists.

Dr. Chambers performs her surgery at Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital where she can provide your pet with an excellent standard of care. All surgeries are booked through Royal Oak Pet Clinic.


Veterinary Hospital exterior

Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital – Victoria, BC

Visiting specialists at Central provide expertise in several disciplines and are available on a consultation basis. Presently there is a board-certified surgeon, internist, internal medicine specialist and radiologist.
Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital
Surgical and Animal/Care Hospitalization Facilities
24 Hour Emergency Care