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A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution.

- Hazel Nicholson

MRI machines are providing new insight into how dogs think (about their owners)

  • Posted On October 17, 2013
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dog close up

Two teams have used MRI machines to provide answers. We can see the parts of the brains they are using in different situations, and this can be very revealing.

Dogs’ brains respond to the emotional tone in our voices very much as humans do

When humans are studied in this way researcher show them photos or videos to see what response it will elicit. But Gregory Berns of Emory University, Atlanta points out that “Olfaction is believed to be dogs’ most powerful and perhaps important sense.” Consequently he allowed twelve dogs from ten breeds to smell scents from strangers and people they knew and from other dogs while lying in an MRI machine.

Bonding with owners is much more important for dogs than other pets

An even more startling observation of the extent to which dogs have bonded with humans is their tendency to look people in the eyes. Andic was part of a study that attempted to train wolves to do the same thing. Even when the wolves were raised by humans from pups they would not initiate eye contact with those that cared for them. Andics claims the only other animals inclined to make eye contact with humans are our primate relatives.

November 25, 2014 | by Stephen Luntz
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Dog Runs For First Time In His Life, Thanks To 3-D-Printed Legs

  • Posted On October 17, 2013
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See Derby run – for the first time. Derby was born with undeveloped front legs and his owners gave him up to Peace and Paws Dog Rescue shelter in Hillsborough, N.H.

Tara Anderson took Derby in and initially fitted him with wheels to improve mobility. Tara didn’t stop there, she and the skilled staff at 3D Systems designed prosthetic legs to help Derby to move more naturally (and specifically fit Derby’s unique anatomy).

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A house is not a home without a pet.

- Anonymous